Grow your business with technology!

Are you a female founder looking to expand or launch your startup through a tech project but not sure how to get started!

Let’s unlock your ideas and turn them into a profitable product!

Whatever ideas you might have,
it’s exciting times!

Maybe that’s about creating your own app so you create more connection and facilities for your clients Or building your own software program to expand not only your client results but your income too.

But I know it can also feel a little overwhelming and you might be asking yourself:

How do I validate my idea?

What sort of technology should I use?

Should I create a MVP/prototype and how do I make this happen?

How do I create market interest and attract potential investors?

Plus don’t forget about deploying the project across your business?

It’s time to say goodbye to guesswork and potential expensive mistakes.

Get valuable "been there, done that" advice directly from a mentor that not only has ……. (15+ years of experience) but currently walks the walk too!

Developing your own technology

Position you as an Industry Leader

Provide automation with a higher level of service & solutions to your existing clients

Generate an additional revenue

Generate an additional revenue

Meet Bukky

Bukky M. Babajide is a highly accomplished Business Transformation Consultant and the visionary Founder of Female Techpreneur. With over 10 years of experience in the tech industry, Bukky has a proven track record of delivering exceptional results in Product Management, Cloud/Platform implementation, Digital transformation, Process Re-engineering, Change Management, and Business Consulting.

Bukky’s expertise extends beyond technical knowledge; she also holds certifications in Business Analysis and Scrum Master, allowing her to bridge the gap between diverse backgrounds and industries. As a tech-savvy leader, she has successfully guided businesses through various challenges, always prioritizing diversity and inclusion.

What Clients Say About My Work

Dr Dayo K

Bukky is a true visionary and a game-changer in the tech industry. Her expertise and
guidance have been instrumental in transforming my startup from an idea into a successful

Emma Ridley

Bukky’s insights into business analysis and process improvement were key in optimizing our
operational efficiency. She is a natural leader and a brilliant mentor who genuinely cares
about her team’s growth and success. Working with her has been a transformative
experience, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn from such a remarkable leader.

Sara B

It’s been a fantastic experience spending time with Bukky and her team of experts. Their
deep understanding of the challenges and journey has been incredibly reassuring. Being
surrounded by a cohort of like-minded founders has been truly invaluable. Thank you, Bukky,
for providing such a supportive and enriching environment!

John Doe

Bukky’s program has been a transformative experience for me, especially as someone coming from a creative background and being new to the tech world. Despite my initial reservations, the diverse range of sectors represented in the group has made me feel a sense of belonging. I’m excited about the opportunity to lead by example, leveraging my creative expertise, and encouraging other creatives to participate with their projects. Thank you, Bukky, for providing such an inclusive and empowering platform!

John Doe

Bukky’s impact on our organisation has been nothing short of remarkable.

A Glimpse Of What I Do

Private mentoring and growth strategy work

Private mentoring and growth strategy work is specifically for Female Founders who need advice, support and feedback that’s 100% tailored to you!

It’s about saving you the slightly “cliched” time, money and heartache (when things go wrong).

Are you ready to LAUNCH OR grow your business with technology! Let’s get started.


You want to increase your revenue with a new income stream and add value to your business

You want to become an innovative female founder and industry leader with a unique usp

You want to increase your companies effectiveness with new processes and systems

Step by step


Over 3 months together we’ll cover the 3 CORE STAGES a tech founder’s growth roadmap tailored to your personal project:







Imagine what we can build together

Together we will

Validate your ideas before executing
(saving you both time and money…)

Get clarity on things you’re struggling with
(and find solutions to accelerate your progress)

Create a clear growth and launch strategy
(to make the process as smooth as possible)

Skip the trial-and-error of doing it yourself!

Limited spaces apply

Due to the personalised nature of this program I only work with a few clients at a time.
Let’s see if it’s the right fit for us both.